This is the place for all the other nonsense we can think up to share.

For instance, have you ever wondered why there are ear -rings and neck -laces but the thing on your arm is a brace -let? Not an arm - let or a wrist - lace or some other more appropriate term. After all, it’s an ank- let if you wear it on your ankle!

And why are they “french” hooks? Or “french” wires? I wonder if there is any relation to the old fashioned "french letter"?

In jewelry, it can become very confusing when gem stone names are also color names.
Example: This necklace has turquoise crystals. The
color may be turquoise, but the material is glass.
The same problem arises with amethyst, jade, garnet, citrine and lapis to name only a few.
We have tried to use color names that are not to be confused with gems, but it is sometimes difficult.

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