Hints on Measuring for Jewelry Lengths

First of all, if you have a piece, necklace or bracelet, that is just the length you want, measure that and be sure to tell us what kind of clasp if has and if that clasp is included in the length you quote us.

If you are measuring “cold turkey” without a comparison piece, use a soft tape measure. Put the tape around your wrist (for bracelets) or your ankle (for anklets) at the point you expect the item to sit when wearing it. Be sure to put one finger under the tape to allow for movement and to give enough slack to hook the piece when you are putting it on. Unless you have a helper always available to hook things, you will have to be able to hold onto it while engaging the closure.

When measuring for bangles or stretch bracelets (anything without a clasp), measure around your hand at the base of the thumb. This is usually the widest part. You can curve or cup your hand while measuring since you could do that while putting on the bracelet as well. This provides a genuine minimum size -- there is no way to make your hand any smaller!

Bracelets are commonly between 7” and 8”. Anklets are usually 9” to 9.5”.

Necklaces have a wide range of lengths, starting at Choker usually 16”, (41 cm) and going through Princess length (a common pendant length) of 18”, (46 cm); Matinee at 20” - 24”, (51 cm - 61 cm) Opera at 28” - 32”, (71 cm - 81 cm); Rope at 40” - 45” (101.5 cm - 114 cm).

Many of our necklaces are designed to be variable lengths already through the use of toggles, S hooks or lobster clasps and chain “extender” lengths that offer optional hooking points.