It is possible to customize many attributes of jewelry pieces, especially findings and lengths. In the case of earring findings, it is usually possible to change french wires for posts, lever backs, kidney wires or clip ons (for unpierced ears). The switch between styles may incur a small charge. If there is any problem (or charge) meeting your request, we will check with you by email before shipping.

In the case of lengths and clasps, bracelets and necklaces should have sizes and clasp style in the descriptions including a range if already adjustable. It is more difficult to customize the length of strung pieces than it is of chain maille items. If you need a customized length for an item that does not show a range of sizes, please send an email query using the
“Contact Us” form asking about the specific item by number and giving the length you would prefer. See Measuring for hints on deciding what length you want.

For additional thoughts on customization, see the end of the
Men's Embellishments section.

Most chain maille items can be made in bracelet or necklace lengths. If the form you want is not shown, send us an email here:
“Contact Us” Some chain maille patters do not curve well in the plane a necklace or bracelet requires even though it may curve well as one or the other. Bike Chain is an example of this: it curves around the wrist beautifully, but does not curve “sideways” to make a long necklace. It does make a lovely choker though (which is really a large bracelet, after all).

Most necklaces are about 2.5 times the length of bracelets so estimating the price of a necklace made to match a bracelet would probably be about 2.5 times the bracelet cost. The reverse is also true: a bracelet to match a necklace would be an estimated price of the necklace divided by 2.5 with a minimum in some cases. Use the
“Contact Us” form to inquire about custom pieces. If you order a custom item, we will submit descriptions to you by email for your approval before starting.

It is also
usually possible to change the closure of necklaces and bracelets. For example, a lobster catch versus a hook and eye or toggle clasp. Magnetic catches are NOT recommended for bracelets. While easy to take off and put on, they can pull apart when putting your hand into your pocket or purse, for example. They are fine on necklaces, however. To inquire about changing a piece, email us here: “Contact Us”

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