Component Descriptions:

AA---Anodized Aluminum: usually colored but can be “natural” silvery color.
AB--a coating added to crystal beads to increase reflectivity and brilliance. Especially noticeable on clear crystals.
BR---Brass: jewelers brass or red brass. Tarnish removed by soaking in a mixture of vinegar and salt.
CK---Czech as in Czech crystals
CRAW---an off loom beading stitch: Circular Right Angle Weave
CP---Copper: a beautiful metal in jewelry that can be brought back to bright by dipping in lemon juice.
CZ---Cubic Zirconia: man made stones sometimes surpassing natural stones in brilliance.
FS---Fine Silver: “pure silver” with no additives. It is not as strong as sterling but tarnishes much more slowly.
FW---French Wire: earring finding style, also know as “french hook” or “fish hook”.
GF---gold fill. It describes what is actually a plating of real gold over another metal.
KW ---Kidney Wire: earring finding style with a closure.
MOP---Mother of Pearl: a natural shell material (may be dyed or natural).
SgSt---Surgical Steel: a material used for earring findings especially. It is strong, durable, non tarnishing and causes allergic
......................reaction in almost no one.
SP---Silver Plate
SS---Sterling Silver
SW---Swarovski: an Austrian company that makes truly magnificent crystals of very fine quality.

General Descriptions:

ADJ---adjustable, usually followed by a range of numbers such as ADJ 20” - 27”


Kumihimo---a form of braiding that uses adisk with slots on the edge for threads and a hole in the center to pass finished work.
__________Many materials can be used, such as twine, small ropes, strip leather, ribbon, or more traditional threads.

Millefiori---“thousand flowers"; a term used by glass bead makers for a special pattern that appears to have flowers throughout.

Soutache---from an Hungrian word meaning ribbon. Traditionally used in military braided uniform embellishments, it has been
________developed in recent years for use with beads in jewelry in a form of embroidery.

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