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Men's Embellishments

* See Notes at the end of the page for details about custom orders. *

T1148 Salt and Pepper Bolo________T7117 Braided Bolo_______T7124 Wagon Wheel Bolo
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Lots of the
bookmarks are simple enough to be gifts for men as well.


Most Chain maille is "unisex" in pattern.
However, most of the bracelets listed here under Chain Maille are sized for female common
wrist sizes (average is 7.5" to 8" or 19 cm to 20.5 cm) and most also have earrings in the set.

Please send an
email to ask about prices for bracelets only with a wrist size included.
Don't forget to specify the weave (the pattern the rings are joined with).
This is usually a part of the name, for example Aura (green) is a weave known as Aura
with green seed beads. And Blue Calypso is Calypso weave with blue seed beads.

Remember when measuring that you need a little extra length in order
to get your fingers underneath to fasten the bracelet - don't measure too snuggly.
If you have something that fits you well, measure that including the clasp.

Since such a piece will be custom, you may also pick the metal
and or the color if you choose anodized aluminum.
The metals we offer in rings are aluminum (specify natural gray or a color *),
brass and copper. Sterling and sterling filled are very expensive and would
require a timely quote due to metal price fluctuations. This means any
quote for sterling would be good for at most one month.

*The colors for anodized aluminum rings usually include:
Black, Red, Green, Blue, Brown, Aqua, Yellow, Pink,
Violet, Purple and Orange.