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Natural Materials

Please Note: The abbreviation MOP has nothing to do with your floor --
it stands for Mother of Pearl

X3011 Shell Song_______________________X3010 Beach Comber
_____Real clam shells with MOP beads. _____Genuine shells with spiral shell pieces and MOP beads.
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X7154 Shell Dance________________N3012 Wrapped Agate
Natural and dyed fresh water pearl ___________Wire wrapped agate stones.______
MOP focal and faceted glass beads.___________________________________
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left-swirlX9138-Pretty-In-Pink-necklaceWEB-vertical-flourish2XC0117-Trade-Winds setright-swirl
X9138 Pretty In Pink__________________________XC0117 Trade Winds
MOP rounds.________________________Several kinds and sizes of seeds.
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left-swirlX1128-MOP-Natural-and-Brown necklace and earringsWEB-vertical-flourish2X2118-Sea-Pieces necklace and earringsright-swirl
X1128 MOP and Brown_______________________X2118 Sea Pieces_________
Dyed (brown) and natural
MOP_____________Dyed coral (red) and natural shell chips.
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left-swirlX1127-Lavender-MOP-and-Black necklace and earringsWEB-vertical-flourish2X2129-Coral-and-MOP bracelet and earringsright-swirl
X1127 Lavender MOP and Black____________________X2129 Coral and MOP___
MOP (lavender) and black glass beads._________Dyed MOP ovals (brown) and dyed coral (orange).
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left-swirlX2130-Squares-and-Barrels necklace and earringsWEB-vertical-flourish2X2119-Tricolor-MOP bracelet and earringsright-swirl
X2130 Squares and Barrels_________________________X2119 Tricolor MOP
MOP squares and copper barrels.____________Dyed MOP in mint, brown and lavender.
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left-swirlWEB-S-B5146-Forest-and-Sky-soutache braceletright-swirl
B5146 Forest and Sky
Dyed MOP (mint)
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left-swirlX2125-Lavender-Marquis necklace and earringsWEB-vertical-flourish2X2124-Romantic-MOP necklace and earringsright-swirl
X2125 Lavender Marquis________________________________X2124 Romantic MOP
Dyed (lavender) and natural
MOP_____________________________Dyed MOP (pink and aqua)
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left-swirlX2152-Outrageous-MOP necklaceWEB-vertical-flourish2X2142-Moons-and-Diamonds-choker and earrings in lavender MOPright-swirl
X2152 Outrageous MOP___________________________X2142 Moons and Diamonds
MOP in mint, black, gold and rose __________Dyed MOP (lavender) diamonds and rounds.
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left-swirlX2150-Spears,-Ovals-and-Rounds necklace and earringsWEB-vertical-flourish2X2117-Paua-Hearts necklace and earringsright-swirl
_X2150 Spears, Ovals and Rounds____________________X2117 Paua Hearts_______
Natural abalone spears and dyed MOP ovals. ________Natural MOP shell and paua hearts.__
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