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XC2116 Turkish Round Maille Bracelet (redd and black)

Chain maille bracelet and earrings of redd and black anodized aluminum rings in the Turkish Round Maille weave. Other colors are available and this weave will make a nice necklace as well. Send an
email to inquire.

Earrings are shown with French hooks. Specify on the order form if you prefer another style of ear wire. Click here for an overview of earring findings.

Bracelet length: 8.5” (21 cm) maximum including S hook clasp. You can, in fact, hook the clasp at any point less than 8.5”

Set: (bracelet and earrings) $30.00

Set - Bracelet and Earrings

All of our earring findings are surgical steel unless specified otherwise.
If you have any questions, use the information on __Contact Us__ to send an email or call.