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Greetings yet again. This time, I think I will take the big plunge and talk about color. I have strong opinions about color (I bet you're not surprised about that). I enjoy strong colors and compelling combinations. I can tolerate colors I don't like much (such as pink, which I detest) when set against another color that somehow changes its "flavor". My problem with pink is not the color itself but the image I have of pink. It seems to me that all the manipulative women in the world drip pink. You know the ones I mean, the users of the "Is big strong you going to help poor little me?" I cannot look at pink without hearing that phrase in my head. And yet, I have pink flowers in my garden primarily for the hummingbird who does not have my problem with pink at all. And I have red flowers for the same reason even though red is one of my least favored colors. For me, red is anger, belligerence, hostility and aggression. And yet, it is a lovely accent and absolutely essential as holiday color. So, I can set aside my prejudices when necessary, but they are still there and it means those colors in my "dog house" will be chosen for use last when I'm choosing a new design. But red can be cheerful and pink is a great blender color. So I do use them, but I tend to use them last.

On the other hand, orange, which is NOT a popular color, is one of my personal very favorites. Somehow, if you add a little yellow to red, it turns beautiful. But I know it is not a first choice for many people. My next loves are yellow and lavender or violet. I don't say purple because in the artist's dictionary of colors purple is the color of red wine. To me, that is red violet, not the blue violet I love as lavender. Purple is technically what we also call burgundy - the color of red wine again. It is a rich color, unfortunately tainted in my mind because I had to wear a maroon wool jumper in school so that shade feels like incarceration, itches and confinement, so I don't like it much. I can still see it and use it but it will never make me happy. I tell myself over and over that those maroon jumpers were fifty years and more ago and they cannot get me anymore, but I still am not inclined to smile when I see maroon.

Blue is a lovely color but I am sick of it. I have heard so much of, "Oh, blue is my favorite color, make a blue one." that I don't want to make anything blue ever again. But you cannot escape the blue of the sky or the blue shades in water, so life itself forces you to accept blue. I don't have the resistance to blue that I have to red and pink, but I still use it very sparingly because there is so much of it.

There are not many people for whom green is a favorite color, but there are definitely some. And green is such a warm, rewarding color. While it is not often a favorite color, I rarely hear anyone say they just don't like green. I think that would make one miserable. All the bushes and trees and grass in the world are green and if you really did not like green, it would spoil much of nature for you. So for most folks it is an acceptable color if not a favorite. It is a favorite of mine though because I am a gardener at heart and green is the color of health and life, so it pleases me to see.

But I find I have a preference for the non-primary colors. I like the secondary colors better. Somehow they are more peaceful and less demanding than the primaries of red and blue and yellow. I cannot see green as a primary because it is made of blue and yellow. It would make a very different color wheel if you used my definition of primary and started with red and blue and yellow, which you cannot "make" with other crayons. According to the color instructors, you can make brown and black but I found it very, very difficult to make a black witch on my son's Halloween cake years ago with food coloring. No doubt I just didn't have the skill, but I seemed to get very dark blue or very dark red but not really black. Although, in the end, we had a witch on a white cake even if she was more blue than black she looked very witchy and tasted like icing so the cake passed muster alright.

Black is used a lot in jewelry but is very hard to take good photographs of so it does not show up well on web sites. You can get lucky with your shot but the areas that are black tend to blur together and not be individual beads. The same seems to happen with brown. Maybe the background is just very critical with those colors. I seem to spend a lot of time getting them to look like jewelry and not just blobs of darkness.

Fortunately, I do like white which tends to include silver. They call copper a red metal, but for me the color of copper is closer to orange and is very warm and positive. I love copper and silver best of the jewelry metals although brass has a warmth and power of its own. All of the things they use to add color to metal in jewelry making add to the designs where they appear. I tend to love colors in general and respond to the positive vibe of brightly colored jewelry pieces. As with most uses of color, you can over do it very quickly but most jewelry is small enough that the spots of color are not intrusive. So I'm voting for lots of color, even pink and red sometimes!

Viva color! Cheers for now.

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