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Greetings again.

I've been noticing all the hype about various bead shows around the country lately. They all have an attraction because I can see all the things I could learn but on the other hand there is the problem of travel. That means packing which means deciding what to take (I can envision needing just about everything in the place at some point). And then there is the selection of classes. I'm reminded of how I feel in the bead store or the glass store: "Oh, I'll just have two of everything, please." Yeah, right. No problem paying for it, of course, or finding somewhere to put it. Never mind finding the time to actually make something with all that glorious stuff. But my eyes and my brain are quickly on overload with all the colors and patterns. Surely I could make amazing things with all those supplies (if I could remember where I put them all).

Every so often I tell myself I cannot buy anything more unless I have a specific project planned to use it, and use it NOW not someday. But there are still things like findings that you can just never have enough of and no matter how many you have you never have the perfect one for this current project. And then there is my ultimate downfall: tools. I am perfectly safe in clothing stores and cooking stores but I am a total disaster in the hardware store or any store that sells "neat" tools. And I can read tool catalogues as if they were mystery stories. I am not tempted by cruises or cars or shoes or such but I cannot seem to overlook some specialist plier or new wire working tool.

And then I have to keep my eye out for the items I wish they would make in case someone with more skill than I has already made it. I currently long for a greater selection of magnetic clasps that incorporate some "backup" type of catch. The ones I have seen are basically loose fold over clasps with a magnet to keep them from falling open. This removes the pull of daily use from the magnet and puts in on the folded over "hinge" so there is no risk of losing the piece, especially bracelets, when putting your hand into your pocket or purse. I've seen some with crystals included but I think just a small one with maybe a design in the metal would be a really useful item. So many pieces just will not support bulky clasps either structurally or artistically.

And I would love to see more interesting small chain. There are lots of larger chains in interesting designs but rarely the smaller chains most common in jewelry. I like to add dangling chain to some designs and interesting forms of links would add a lot or diversity. The chains add movement as well as severely vertical elements. Most items made for jewelry tend to be square or round which makes the resulting piece have a squat or linear feel. I appreciate chain because it is very narrow and vertical which ads another dimension to many designs. And it swings with every move making the jewelry almost dance on its own. I think movement comes right up there with sparkle as an important component of any jewelry design. And I consider the glow of metals to be a form of sparkle because the play of light catches the eye just as the glint from a crystal does. The reflection from metal is softer and rounder than the sharp, bright flash from a crystal but it catches your eye just the same. And in combination can be truly spectacular even if tiny in size.

Well, I hope there is some food for thought here. And maybe I can inspire someone to develop a new line of clasps. Let me know what you think of the idea by clicking
here. Cheers for now.

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